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CRM systems have increasingly become popular with small and medium businesses. This is due to the capabilities that CRM has when it comes to changing the business outlook. It not only helps improve the efficiency of the company but also ensures that the business maintains its customers by delivering top-notch services. While CRM systems are very good at storing vital information and executing various duties, there is still the need to customize the software to your needs. One way of doing this is using the Excel tool to allow you to manipulate data. This is possible due to the Excel connector which allows you to access Excel within your CRM system.


The Excel connector is basically and add-in for the CRM that provides bi-directions access to the CRM through the toolkit for office. This add-in is very useful when it comes to cleaning and mass-updating of the CRM-based data from within a spreadsheet. The tool is easy to install and use but one needs to be careful when manipulating large portions of data live. This is because if wrong commands are issues you could lose the data or distort the data making it not useful.


If you haven't started using the Excel connector, you should think about it because it has some immeasurable benefits. One such benefit is the increased productivity because you can manage the bulk processing of the records within the CRM. The data can be manipulated in Excel which makes easier since most people are familiar with the tool. This also means that you can make all your calculations and analysis without having to use some complex software. There is also some real-time analysis of the data as well as error resolution. What this means is that you can always validate your data and ensure that all the values calculated are accurate. You can also not forget that the add-in tool like salesforce excel connector is cloud friendly and runs on or the Excel desktop. This ensures that you can access your files from anywhere.


Indeed, with a powerful CRM, you need a powerful data manipulation tool. The best way to go is the Excel connector way that will provide you with all Excel functions for calculations, data manipulation, and analysis. With a basic interface, one can create queries and even make quick and simple data updates. You would definitely love this tool since it has various support features that make easy for new users to learn how to use it.